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Ciera passed! Jordan passed! Amber passed! Cathleen passed! Keana passed! Jennifer passed! Thank you Jodi for the awesome program.

Susan Beck, Idaho State University, Program Director July, 2018

Definitely could had not done it with without learning the test taking strategies. I believe you were actually my motivation for not giving up after years of trying to pass. Your program works and I'm very thankful and grateful!

Chancellor Thorton August, 2018

Just wanted to say hello Jodie... [here are how] things are with me... working for myself.. chiropractor's office and at a Spa near my home.. again thanks for all your help Take care and have a wonderful day!!

Rene Marshall June 4, 2018

Hi Jodi! I did pass MBLEx! On my first try, Yay!!! Thank you for all of you're videos and your possitivity! You contributed so much to me passing. Sincerely,

LaDonya Osborne April 24, 2018

Thank you so much Jodi! I took the exam yesterday and passed:) Such a relief to be on the other side of it....whew! I appreciate your support and awesome videos..... Much appreciations,

Kelley W. March, 2018

Thanks for all your videos. Those were so helpful in curbing my anxiety.

Mary Sayard, February, 2018

I love listening to the seminars over and over again while I’m studying my study plans!!! I like just hearing your positivity since I have so much negativity around me right now!!! Thank you so much. I’m actually crying writing this to you... I’m in my car listening to lesson 2 on my way to pick up my kids!

You are so awesome!!! 👍👍👍

D.W. Chass October, 2017

Hi Jodi,
Thanks so much. I have really been enjoying listening to the CDs in my car...keeping connected to the positiveness helps. I got my ATT [Authorization to Test] code the other day and plan on scheduling for the end of the month... Thank you for everything! Third time is a charm. I’m gonna nail this test this time...

Best wishes,

Donna C. September 2017

In her videos she gives awesome test taking skills. She made me confident and I passed the test on the first try!

Robbin L. December, 2017

Thank you! A million thank yous!!!!! I truly could not have done it without the structure and the content your program offered me! And the incredible positive encouragement you personally provided! I passed!!!!!

Catherine C. December, 2017

Thank you Jodi! I am overwhelmed! I still can't believe your generosity. Just too good! So, I just got your email since I'm at the Library again! This is such a pain! but all hard work pays off and I'm so much excited and will take your course tomorrow if I don't book at the Spa................This is so great! Thank you and I THINK YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! Sincerely,

Margaret D. November 2017

I finished what needed with Jodi and passed my Mblex last September 2017. Her system works!!! Soo happy I joined her group, she so encouraging and gives it to you the right ways.

Jodi thanks Soo much!!!

Renee M. September 2017

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