Increase net profit by increasing frequency of client visits, teaching popular classes/workshops and maximizing gift certificate sales


In house Continuing Education to improve hands-on skills of massage therapists. Monthly training for new managers on herding cats (aka managing massage therapists)


Proven strategies on attracting, hiring, training and retaining the best massage therapists in your zip code


Since 1994 we have been writing and re-writing the Massage Therapists Policies and Procedures Manual(TM) so owners don't waste time on figuring it out.


What did you find most helpful?   


How could the class have been better?   

"Longer. Easily a full day with more exercises."   

Other comments?   

"Outstanding class! I got way more than I expected and I consider myself knowledgeable. A+ all the way around."

Joan Woods

"The main fear I had in hiring a business coach was that the investment wouldn't translate to actionable initiatives. I was afraid that I wouldn't find someone who could give me the step-by-step guidance sometimes needed. This was a fear that was never actualized because I decided to look to Jodi for help. She was there every step of the way with me and offered truly workable ideas when I had none to speak of!

Jodi wasn't afraid to tell me things that I didn't want to hear or would strip me from my comfort zone. A perfect example of this is when I learned that there are no shortcuts to building a business, and sometimes cold calls must be made to potential new Massage Therapists and even to MIA clients! While it was a hard lesson to learn, she provided me the tools and prepared me so that calling wasn't painful and, in fact, became second nature.

In my work with Jodi, the biggest stand out moments were those when I was ready to jump off the cliff and just quit. She calmly explained that it is a normal part of growing as an entrepreneur! Im so grateful because as a result of my work with Jodi I was able to grow a business that was so stable and valuable that soon thereafter I was able to sell it! I would say to those who are considering working with a coach-if you want a successful massage business, to keep or to sell, definitely hire Jodi Scholes."

Erica E.

"I wanted to thank you for helping me promote my business. I already have gotten a return on my investment from joining BNI and its still within the first 90 days!

I also wanted to let you know that so many people came to support us at the Open House event yesterday. It was the event you had in mind...we planned it for 2 months and had over 30 visitors and 5 vendors.

Our guests killed the food and were lined up for chair massage! Thank you Jodi for passing your knowledge onto me."

Cam T. Huynh

What did you find most helpful?  

"Jodi's an awesome teacher with mastery of her content. Handouts were very helpful."  

Other comments?  

"I hope AMTA-VA paid Jodi well- she is worth major $$!"

Charlly Enroth, Owner, Advanced Massage Center