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October 15, 2012
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Cranking out a Sports Massage Event

The biggest one so far! I've organized some Sports Massage Events, but this was a 'big enchilada!'

Riiiiidiculous…who thought it was a good idea to offer all the massage therapy services for approximately 43,000 runners at the Marine Corp Marathon (and 10K)? OH! That would be my brilliant (really she is) colleague, Ms Jennifer Sovine, full time Lead Instructor at NOVA.
Over 70 massage therapists offered FREE massage to the chilled exhausted runners.

So this inspired my blog this week. What to bring to a Sports Massage Event.

Here IS A LIST of what you may want to have with you on the day of your Sports Massage Event. (Thank you to the National Capital Area Sports Massage Team~Lorraine Hancock for help with this list http://rubdown.info/pages/1/index.htm )

• Massage Table & carrying case.
• 4 empty cans of cat food or tunafish (to put under the legs of your table if on dirt)
• Head rest (disposable face cradle covers optional can use split paper towels)
• Bolster(Bolster is optional, but handy.Your towels can double as a bolster if desired)
• Folding stool (Light & portable a must. By hour #3 you’ll be happy you have one)
• Plastic fitted twin sheet (Protect table from rain, sweat and other moisture)
• 1 sheet per hour working. 10-2p=4 hours =4 sheets (don’t change w every client)
• 1 medium towel per hour you are working. 9-2p=5 hours=5 towels
• Paper towels for face cradle covers, wiping down table and hands
• Box of tissues (optional)
• Anti bacterial spray or wipes(for table & headrest)
• Anti-bacterial gel (for hands)
• Cream or oil, your preference
• Hot cream(optional) Examples: Icy hot, Tiger balm, Ben gay
• Cold cream(optional) Examples: Sombra, Biofreeze
• Trash can for disposable face cradle covers. Doubles to help you carry sheets
• Trash bag
• Business cards and business card holders
• Brochure holder and brochures (optional)
• Camera (optional)

What to wear:
A MASSAGE specific t-shirt or polo. Skip the tank tops unless you have great arms and its really that hot.
Strongly recommend a second shirt. Many events are hot and sticky. If nothing else you’ll want to change after the event.
By the way, wrist & head bands look sketchy. Use a personal towel to control the sweat.

Make it worth your time!

For record keeping bring a clipboard, notebook/lined paper, sharpie pen, regular pens, tape. Why?
NOTE: Capture ALL the names, email addresses and snail mail addresses of the people who get massage. You aren’t doing this for charity. Hopefully you’ll get business out of it!

To charge or not to charge?

Think about it, right after a race will the athlete have cash on them? No probably not. If you want to be busy, do it for free.
If you must charge, I recommend standard pricing: 15 min $20. Don’t offer any longer. You can offer shorter duration like 5 min $10 but otherwise the pricing just doesn’t work.
So now you’ll need to bring cash for making change. Cash on hand needed about $200; 4-$20s, 8-$10s, 4-$5s & 20-$1s This might help with tipping too.
Even better if you accept credit cards~ use the mobile app to swipe with PayPal or Square. Also recommend one of those ugly fanny pack or waist purse for cash, checks and making change.

So there you have it. If you need help ORGANIZING the event email me. I’ll be happy to send you the steps to identify, recruit, promote and kick butt your own Sports Massage Event.

Remember, pause. Be a pro. Make me proud. And of course, HAVE FUN!

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