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Does EMAIL stress you out?! Mailbox pretty scary? You’re not alone…

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“…the deeper we went into studying people’s email behaviors, the more we were struck by how different they are.

As we looked at these very different graphs, we noticed five distinct behavior patterns. And we gave them internal codenames which turned out to be very descriptive — so they stuck, and we decided to share them with you! What email personality type are you?

Inbox Zeroer (17.4% of users)

The Inbox Zeroer likes to keep things tidy. No matter the volume of email they receive, they manage to keep their inbox hovering around the zero mark more often than not. Sometimes the inbox zeroer is a light email user, other times they’re seriously compulsive about flushing their email. Either way, these folks are fewer than one in five of us; it’s rarer than you might think!

Wire Walker (8.3% of users)

Wire walkers are close cousins to Inbox Zeroers. They maintain a fairly constant volume of email (like “Inbox 500”) but can’t get down closer to zero. As a result, these folks are constantly “walking the wire,” trying to maintain no more (and no less) than a certain volume. We figure these folks can handle a certain amount of background chaos, but not too much. Wire walkers exist at small heights (a few hundred) to a few thousand. Wire walkers tend to get more email than their peers.

Green Creeper (48.1% of users)

The most common personality we observe in the wild, Green Creepers have a continuously growing inbox, but clear out at least some emails regularly. For the Green Creeper, email is a constant battle, and Mailstrom is often very helpful for them. Green creepers can have big inboxes or small, but always have a growing inbox. (Green creepers are so-named for the constant upward creeping of their inbox graph, and are a tongue-in-cheek reference to the green creeper creatures in the game Minecraft, which some of our kids are addicted to.)

Red Creeper (17.7% of users)

Red Creepers, like their green counterparts, have constantly growing graphs, but never remove anything from their inbox. These are the people who have given up. Or, they’ll report that removing things from their inbox just isn’t important to them. Sometimes, they’re not familiar with the idea of archiving email, and that those emails are still searchable. Red Creepers are often male. In many cases, Red Creepers consider email a chore. Red Creepers probably need Mailstrom more than anyone else, but don’t often change their habits. Once they do, though, they’re likely to stop their Red Creeper ways and evolve into a Green Creeper or Wire Walker. (Again, Red Creepers are named after the nature of their graphs, and the monsters from Minecraft.)

Binge Deleter (5.3% of users)

Sometimes it’s good to clean out a lot of email all at once, and Binge Deleters tend to do this every few weeks. The rest of the time, they allow their inbox to grow. Often Binge Deleters evolve into becoming Inbox Zeroers or Wire Walkers, other times they evolve into Green Creepers. The Binge Deleter’s intentions are good, but perhaps more regular maintenance would avoid the need for these periodic purges.

Obviously we’re applying these labels in good fun… please take them with the grain of salt and humor with which they are intended. However, they do tell us something about how we approach managing email and inbound information, as well as speak to the immense range of behaviors which have emerged around email. There is no one “right” way to do things, and everyone has a strategy that works for them.”

What email personality type are you?

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