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How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

The second Sunday in May is a day to reflect on the unconditional love of mothers. Who gets your unconditional love? Son or daughter? Pet? Spouse?

The earliest whispers of Mother’s Day come from 1868 when “Mother’s Friendship Day” was celebrated for the purpose of reuniting families that had been divided during the Civil War. Eventually on May 9-1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation declaring the first national Mother’s Day encouraging all American citizens to show a flag in honor of those mothers whose sons had died in war. The day to honor Mum gained popularity, and unfortunately much commercial sensationalism. In fact, Hallmark reports purchases of approximately 133 million greeting cards!

In present times Mother’s Day traditions include wearing of a carnation (white if mom has passed and red/colored if mom is living), sending flowers and/or cards, a family dinner, a cake that looks like flowers (France), going to church (Ireland & Mexico), handmade gifts (South Africa) and of course giving the gift that all Mom’s love, a gift certificate for massage.

Here’s a blurb for your Mother’s Day marketing. Some of it is a bit cheeky, but I think it fun:

What’s sugar free, doesn’t have to be watered, walked or wrapped and makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Massage, of course! Pamper Mom with a soothing 30, 60 or 90 minute massage … Foot rubs included and best of all … one size fits all! So treat Mom today; she’ll love it and then you’ll Definitely be her favorite!

At _______________ (my massage center) we honor Mom’s on Mother’s Day and every day. Mom’s are some of our best clients!

Mom’s of toddlers love a customized client centered massage. That’s a combination of relaxation with deep muscle tissue work. Aching shoulders melt and mommy can even get a foot rub she’s been asking for.
Mom’s of teen-agers need massage. God knows they get challenged every day by their ‘always right’ kid(s). At ______________ (your massage center) we leave all judgement at the door and rub away the tension headaches caused by crazy teens.

Mom’s-to-be enjoy our pregnancy massage services. Sometimes also referred to as a “Husband’s SOS”, experienced therapists help relieve low back pain and discomfort caused by baby-weight gain. If you are a Dad-to-be, you may want to do yourself a favor and get a package of several sessions!

Massage is the gift that is always the right size, feels great and is something Mom’s may not do for themselves.

Hope you have a chance to enjoy some unconditional love this Mother’s Day!

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