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April 30, 2015
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How to Have A Full Practice All Summer Long

Some massage therapists tell me summer is slow. It doesn’t have to be. True: Many of our regular clients disappear on family vacations over the summer. Hey, let’s face it, the kids are out of school so there will be a bit of irregularity in the schedule. When I was in full time practice (with 10+ employees) I would make a conscious effort to tap into some easy-to-find reliable summer clients.

Here are 5 simple examples of clients who need a massage this summer and where to find them.

1. Triathletes. A triathlon is a race where athletes run, bike and swim. And there are literally THOUSANDS of triathlons across the USA. To find local triathletes type in “triathlon” + your city name to Google. There may be a local sponsor like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society that organize running or biking sessions. Locally you can partner with the Race Director or a sponsor to offer a coupon to all participants. If you are a good talker, speak to the group on the benefits of massage. Be visible to the triathletes and they’ll be on your table in a heartbeat.
Marine-Corps-Marathon2. Fall marathon. Where is a September or October marathon near you? There are some crazy folks who live near your office training for a marathon! Your mission? Find them–actually help them find you. Time to do a little research. Maybe a local running store can give you more information. If you were going to run a race, where would you train? Who is helping those runners get ready? Partner with a coach, a chiropractor, a running group to support those athletes. They will be doing their long runs in late summer. If they know you exist -and you give them an irresistible package–say, 6 sessions-1x week for 5 weeks and 1x the day after they race–they will be loyal and regular clients during their training.
Price Tag_Special Offer 3. College students. What do I hear you saying? College students are broke? I call  bullsh*t. Parents know that their college student stresses out during school. And Mom  and Dad will support that cause. Even if its just 1x month, a legitimate argument can be  made to take special care of the ‘hard working students’ while their home.

 4. Dads who do their own lawn care or pool care. In some neighborhoods, men  take great pride in having the best lawn on the block. They will work for hours  spreading mulch, edging flowerbeds and trimming trees. A great promotion for the  summer and fall is to tie a coupon to rake handles at the local hardware store. Even  Home Depot and Lowes may give the thumbs up to tie coupons to wheelbarrows and  shovels. Can’t hurt to ask!

 5. Moms with kids at home. Ah, you think they don’t have time because they are  sooo busy entertaining the kiddos? True dat, but stressed out Moms don’t have time  they make time. How could we attract more Moms? Be visible at Mommy’s Day Out  locations. Get permission to put a flyer at the local pool. Is there a kid’s camp near  you? See what it would take to send a notice home with the campers offering a mid day special.

These are a few ideas I’ve used in the past to keep my practice thriving all summer long. Wishing you abundance and joy and a FULL book of business this summer season 🙂

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