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How To Organize & Send Holiday Cards

So here it is again. Another holiday season and you MEANT to send out Holiday Cards. Breathe. If you are reading this you may still have a shot to tell your clients you appreciate their business thru out the past year. This is going to be a very quick How To Do Holiday Cards. For more details watch this website for a tab called “Resources” I’ll be uploading about 100 documents over the next month with much longer explanations. To make this easier you need about 2 weeks, but if all you have is 2 days then give me 2 hours and you can get it done. So off we go!

Generic Holiday Cards

Use cards that are fun, healthy and accomodate all religons including no religion

#1 Organize your data. Get it all in one place. Whoever you want to connect with: current clients, old clients, all those business cards you collected over the last few months. Make a pile or get a box. Put everything in one place.

#2 If you have less than 50 names, and can print VERY NICELY, you are going to hand address the envelopes. Oh this assumes you have cards and envelopes. See the long version for where to get cards, but for now, if you have two hours, go to Kmart, WalMart, Target or the local grocery store and get packs of cards. You’ll need “forever” stamps too. Get more than enough. 100 is recommended. Don’t dilly dally. Just go get um and get back to work.

3) Envelopes first. Print, write nicely, stamp or label your return address. Upper left hand corner. Use your work business address. For now if it has to be home, so be it. Even a PO Box would be a better option. However, is what it is. Keep moving forward.
4) Clients name and address next. Address all the envelopes first, then we’ll do the cards. You are a machine. Just knock out all the envelopes.

5) Stamp all the envelopes. You won’t be licking the stamps. Post office went to self sticking stamps a few years ago.

Let the cards reflect some of your personality if possible

6) Grab a stack of cards. Grab a stack of envelopes. Look at the envelope. If you like the person its addressed to, write a BRIEF NOTE. Example, “Thanks for being a regular client.” or “Happy Holidays and Peace for the New Year” and sign your name. Your objective is to take LESS THAN 30 seconds on each card. Once you have personalized the card, stuff it in the matching envelope. Dont lick it shut. Just stuff it and go on to the next card.

7) Look at the clock. Are you out of time? Proceed to licking the envelope closed. Use a wet rag to seal the envelopes. You’ll thank me later. If you have 30 minutes to spare you can add something.

8) Add your business card in the envelope. Or if you know how to, print a special holiday offer.(Maybe a special on Gift Certificates like $10 off or buy 4 get 5th one free) Print 4 to a page, cut it in quarters and insert the 1/4 page announcement into the card. Include your website address & don’t use an expiration date. Then seal all the cards shut.

9)Take your cards to the post office. Your mail carrier will appreciate the extra effort.

10) Be prepared for the phone to ring. Answer your phone at a minimum between 9am-5pm every day. Yes even the weekends because its the holidays and you want to be accessible.
Finally, congratulate yourself! You have earned a reward. You can take 10% of all your gift certificate sales and indulge. The other 90% of the sales goes into a SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Next year at this time, you can spend what hasn’t redeemed.

Best of luck! Reach out if you have questions. Leading you to prosperity if you want to follow…Jodi

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