You care. A LOT.

I know because I’m a teacher, too. We give huge amounts of our time, talent and treasure to change our students’ lives, all because we want to make a difference. Admirable - but exhausting, right?

Hello, I’m Jodi Scholes. I’ve been a certified massage therapist since 1994. I’m Adjunct Faculty at a public Community College and also an Approved Provider of Continuing Education through the NCBTMB.

After working with hundreds of massage therapy students and seeing them struggle with exams, I developed the MBLEx Review Course.

Our course has prepared hundreds of candidates with a 92% pass rate by giving them the knowledge needed to pass the test. Your students will watch eight webinars and take a minimum of three practice exams to ensure confidence in taking the exam.

Whether the material is fresh in current students’ minds or they’ve forgotten important content since graduation, our program prepares your students in what to study, when to study, and how to study for the MBLEx.

Just $24.99 per class or $199 for all 8 classes plus unlimited Practice Exams. Maybe you'd like to sample a class? Email with Instructor - MBLEx in the subject line to be registered for a complimentary class.

Is this program for you and your students? Yes, if...

  • Your school doesn’t offer a MBLEx Review Course.
  • Your students need a refresher course and you simply can’t spend the extra time to provide one.
  • You have students who’ve failed the test at least one time.

Students inevitably forget a few things over the six to nine months they’re in school. You’ve guided your students to study their notes or use an online app, but often it’s not enough. And it’s hard not to take it personally when a student works hard and still fails the test.

We developed a structured online program for you to use during the last four to eight weeks of school. It sharpens your students’ skills so they’re well prepared and confident to take the test.

Make the MBLEx Review Course part of your curriculum if:

  • You’re tired of watching any of your grads fail the MBLEx.
  • You simply can’t squeeze any more hours in the week to help students prepare.
  • You feel the anxiety in your students as exam time nears.
  • You’re a school administrator wishing you offered an official MBLEx Review Course.

Set your students up for success and register today.

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Imagine the joy you’ll experience when you celebrate your students’ success.

Are you sure what you’re teaching in the Review Course is on the test? Switch to a structured, regularly updated, online MBLEx Review Course during the last few weeks of school.

Our program focuses on instruction in the eight subjects tested in the MBLEx. It’s a compact and complete program loaded with up-to-date, subject-matter-specific webinars.

Your students have “all access” which gives each learner the flexibility to study at their own pace. Both you and your students will notice improved retention and recall with this review.

  • Simple to implement.
  • Subject-matter-specific practice exams.
  • Unlimited 100-question practice exams with 24/7 access.
  • Weekly reports on student progress.
  • No more asking teachers to come in early or stay late to coach students on the side.

Why are we so confident your students will succeed?
Because of our “Guarantee to Pass” promise.

Any student enrolled in the program who doesn’t pass the MBLEx will have FREE access to the entire program until they do.

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I love listening to the seminars over and over again while I’m studying my study plans!!! I like just hearing your positivity since I have so much negativity around me right now!!! Thank you so much. I’m actually crying writing this to you... I’m in my car listening to lesson 2 on my way to pick up my kids!

You are so awesome!!! 👍👍👍

Passed the MBLEx October, 2016

D.W. Chass

Thank you for connecting our students with the MBLEx Review Course. We have found it especially helpful to have the students review the Experts Reveal Secrets CD.

Many of our graduates were nervous about taking the test. After listening to advice on how to take the test, they were more confident. I'm writing to let you know we are seeing an improvement!

By the way, our school is now close to a 100% pass rate! (92%) Thank you Jodi and your team for such robust content and inspirational words.

Dr. T. Bone, PhD

Hi Jodi,
Thanks so much. I have really been enjoying listening to the CDs in my car...keeping connected to the positiveness helps. I got my ATT [Authorization to Test] code the other day and plan on scheduling for the end of the month... Thank you for everything! Third time is a charm. I’m gonna nail this test this time...

Best wishes,

Passed the MBLEx October, 2016

Donna C.

What did you find most helpful?

Jodi’s an awesome teacher with mastery of her content. Handouts were very helpful."

Other comments?

"I hope AMTA-VA paid Jodi well- she is worth major $$!"

Charlly Enroth, Owner, Advanced Massage Center

Make “Did Not Pass” a thing of the past. Take the pressure off yourself and your students by enrolling them in the MBLEx Review Course. Just $24.99 per class or $199 for all 8 classes plus unlimited Practice Exams. Want to sample a class? Email with MBLEx REVIEW COURSE in the subject line to be registered for a complimentary class.

Get your students back on the path to success.

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