You are running the show

Foundation Year

Do you have a big vision but very few clients? I work with massage therapists growing their practice. The Foundation Year package covers 3, 6 or 12 months. During that time we focus on: How to find clients; How to keep clients; How to set up a schedule; How to design packages; How to build relationships with strategic partners; How to build a healthy relationship with money, even when there is none...

Foundation Year: (1) 90 min call just $299/month

Acceleration Year

You know you are ready to accelerate your practice if you are facing some of the normal growing pains. You have good cash flow. Until you don't. You may even have a few people who work for you part time. However, sometimes things go wrong. People don't show up, don't dress appropriately, clients are coming in on the wrong days. You haven't really thought about policies and procedures because, we are all grown ups, right? Nope.

This program includes a once a month call for 60 minutes and access to policies and procedure templates for your practice.

Acceleration Year: (2) 90 min calls $549/mo

Expansion Year

Do you have a full practice and you are running your business? Do you spend long hours at the office taking care of tasks you simply must do as the owner? Have you graduated to a 'salary' but not really paying yourself enough? Are you ready to let go of some of the bodywork to focus on revenue generating activities? Then you are ready for your Expansion Year.

How would it feel to be calmer, have more free time and make more money?

In the Expansion Program we get you out of the day-to-day operations of the business. We get the best people on your team while releasing the folks who no longer are a good fit. We generate even more revenue from what you have in place right now. We foster strategic relationships that serve your big vision.

This program includes a once a month laser focused 90-minute call; 100% access to templates and how to documents such as: how to find and hire staff, phone scripts, non-compete agreement, pay rate chart, policies and procedures manual, how to create strategic partnerships and affiliate programs and much more. All documents can be customized with your company's name and logo as well as tweaked to fit your specific needs. Includes M-F email access for real time answers to questions thru out the month. Sound good? It is. Only 2 spots available, ever.

Expansion Year: 2 (90) min calls per month + M-F email access + Policy and Procedures Manual, One Year Marketing Plan $799/mo


Independent Massage Schools, Corporate Schools and Massage Programs at Community Colleges

Silver Membership

Are your numbers down? Don't see any major improvements in sight? How would you like to

-Reach more of your target audience

-Turn more clicks into calls

-Uncover hidden challenges sabotaging your current enrollment efforts

I work with a limited number of clients to:

1. Assess current marketing efforts: social, traditional and referral based

2. Create a customized marketing calendar

3. Hold key people accountable with a 1x month 60 minute consulting call

If you have a strong marketing team in place with solid leadership, choose the Silver Program

Why does hiring a coach work? We have seen it over and over again: to realize true change, accountability is key.

Investment in the Silver Program: $875/mo

Gold Membership

Are you worried your program won't survive? Are you facing record low enrollments? Get everything the Silver Program offers plus more:

-Reach a wider more open audience

-Create local and regional visiblity for your classes

-Uncover hidden challenges sabotaging your enrollment and marketing efforts

-Unlock new opportunities to create partnerships with like-minded businesses

I work with a just handful of Gold Program clients to:

1. Assess all marketing efforts: social, traditional, grassroots, etc

2. Build/Revise your Annual Marketing action plan

3. Create a customized marketing calendar

4. Hold key people accountable with a monthly, 90-minute consulting call

5. Work with your in-house team to review and change ad content, update calls to action and measure progress

6. Work with external marketing team to assess demographics, adwords, PPC results and fine tune the messaging

7. Assess the current enrollment process, making recommendations for improvement

...and more...

If you would like a Subject Matter Expert to take you by the hand and walk beside you during the process, choose the Gold Program.

Gold Program: $1,375/mo

The Review Course for the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam

Are you a teacher or Program Director who would really love to have an MBLEx Review program? Do you know someone who graduated from massage school, but hasn't passed the test? As Adjunct Faculty in a Massage Program I discovered some students needed extra preparation.

To help students prepare and to help teachers review, I recorded 8 webinars and designed 8 subject-matter-specific quizzes to give students more confidence before taking the MBLEx. Instructors log on or pop-in the DVD allowing me to co-teach in their classroom.

Included in the MBLEx Review Course are unlimited Practice Exams - timed, graded and MBLEx-like questions (distractors included).

Students have access to other platforms: AMTA, ABMP, Massage-Exam but all those sites are just practice exams or flash cards. This course offers actual teaching. Specific content has been condensed down to focus on what graduates need to know to pass the test.

Training is online making it available 24/7 starting at just $24.99 per class.

If you work at a Massage School, please contact me for special school rate subscriptions. Schools will also receive DVDs for your school library.

Subjects covered in this eight hour MBLEx Review Course program:

1. Navigating the Body

2. Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology: Lower Body

3. Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology: Upper Body

4. Benefits and Physiological Effects of Massage

5. Guidelines for a Professional Practice Part 1: Ethics & the Therapeutic Relationship

6. Guidelines for a Professional Practice Part 2: Taxes, Laws, CPR/First Aid, Business Entities

7. Client Assessment and Special Populations

8. History of Massage

Course Catalog DVDs and Downloads