One to One Coaching

You are running the show ...or is it running you...

The Bronze Program

This program is for those who are uncertain about whether or not a coach is for them. We work together for 3 months. The LMT owner has a total of 6 calls - 2 calls per month - lasting a duration of 90 minutes.

No long term commitment, $750/mo

The Silver Program

This program is for the LMT Clinic Owner who is pretty sure they need a coach, but not sure where to get started. We work together for 6 months. Together we prioritize the most important areas of your business right now. Policies and Procedures? Marketing? Recruiting?

6 months -a total of 12 calls - lasting 90 minutes each. $650/mo

The Gold Program

During the first call we decide between 7 different areas of your business what needs the most attention, right now. Cash flow? Operations? Recruiting? Clients who coach with me for a year don't even recognize their life after 12 months. They are calm, organized, confident and more profitable than ever before. And most likely a Key Person is running the office.

The Gold Program includes 12 months of coaching -totaling 24 calls - lasting 90 minutes each. $549/mo