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March 6, 2013
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So many hats…

Remember as a kid when we got to stay home on a snow day? A late winter storm today produces an unexpected day off. Where I live, schools issued a 2 hour delay. Its official: everyone has an excuse to stay put.

I appreciate snow days for how the weather slows the pace. A natural downshifting all activity a gear or two. Its officially Spring in the Nation’s Capital, but Mother Nature hasn’t quite finished with the last of the Winter inward energy. Yay. Some additional time to reorganize and prepare for the bountiful Spring season. As much as I look forward to the warm weather, today the Yin energy (down/in/quiet) feels like a needed respite. Last week has been a firey out-pouring of Yang energy. Have you ever felt that way? Every day? Ha. Call me.

Last week, the Grand Opening of my newest endeavor, Commonwealth Massage has me wearing lots of old and new hats: interviewing and pre-screening many CMTs, training a CMT minus my trusty handbook; continuing to educate and train my new admin; talking to anyone who walked thru the front door at the office(insert perky smile). Oh yeah, life goes on so remember to balance the rest of my work life: pay attention to my other corporate clients; add value to individual consulting client sessions; keep filling the pipeline with potential new coaching clients; stay connected to the colleagues at the massage school where I teach sometimes…and of course, personal life too. So this girl’s been juggling.

When I feel like too much is going on, I go back to my ‘big rocks’, making sure those are in my schedule: work outs, family time, relationship time, eating well, sleeping well. New endeavors, like Commonwealth, will soon settle into a routine. As for me, I thank Gerhard Schwandt for the framework we created naming the hats I wear. It’s truly an anchor I can come back to again and again.

What are my hats? Roles that are essential to my personal and professional success: Finance, CEO, Marketing, Operations, Owner, Production, PR, Sales, Personal. Each week I must spend time wearing each hat. What hats do you wear?
If you were the boss of you, what would you tell yourself?

AS a bonus, I’ve included a link to a video that explains what my coach taught me.

Have a great week!

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