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July 14, 2015
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Summertime Clients-where to find ‘um

Parking Lots are our friend! Local pool or drop off for summer camp, its where you can find your next best client.

Parking Lots are our friend! Local pool or drop off for summer camp, its where you can find your next best client.

I feel ya. Is everyone at the beach? No. In fact there are many families taking a ‘stay-cation’ this summer. Moms & Dads opting to send the kids to Summer Camp versus a week at the lake. So why do we care? Because when the kids are at camp, Mom has up to 7 hours all to herself! Great time for a massage. That’s all well and good but how do I know who has kids in Summer Camp? (We especially like OVERNIGHT summer camps)

Im going to ask you- if you had a kid that YOU wanted to send to camp, where would you start? That’s right, Google. Log on and type in Summer Camp + {name of your town}. What do you find? Surprise!! Yah, there are dozens sometimes hundreds of options. Stay with me, don’t get stuck in the how just yet. Now that you know WHERE those camps are being offered, what location(s) are closest to you? What time does camp start? 9am? How long will it last? 7 hours? Im assuming you have business cards. I love you, but if you are a massage therapists and you don’t have business cards you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

You are going to do some guerilla marketing! Monday morning at 8:30am you are going to place a business card on every car in that parking lot. Yes, the owner of the car may see you. Put on a big smile, make eye contact and say, “Good morning!” and just keep on going. You have work to do and clients to attract. I hear you taking that big breath. Yes, its unconventional. However, to get results you have never had before you need to do things you’ve never done before. This is growth my dear.

For my highly-compliant-never-break-a-rule people out there, relax. If this example makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can feel free to use Plan B. Plan B is to do the same exercise at your local pool.  Because at your local pool, you can follow the rules. We know who is responsible for the parking lot there. The teenager at the front desk! So put on that big smile and around the lunchtime hour head over to the pool. Ask the young man or lady at the front desk if there is any rule that says you aren’t allowed to put a flyer on the cars in the parking lot. NOTE: We are not asking their permission. We are asking if they know of any rule that says we can’t.  Make sense?

You know Im all about a plan, so you have a new 5-week plan. So whether you are targeting summer camp or your local pool: this week on Monday, put business cards out. Next week on Tuesday. Week 3 on Wednesday. etc.

Good luck with getting out of your own way to attract as many clients as your heart desires. Have fun!

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