Hi Jodi, I am writing to tell you ALL 6 students from the Arkansas Therapeutic Massage Institute of Hot Springs passed the MBLEx! Thank you for your work!!

Angela Bishop, Instructor

I learned I needed to read each question at least twice. Then I had to concentrate on eliminating the answers that I was pretty sure were wrong.Thanks for the all positive feedback. These classes helped immensely! Don't think I would have done it without the accountability and support.

Gwen Teutsch April 2018

On June 30 2018 I failed the mblex. It wasn't my first time taking it. I am embarrassed to write how many times I have already taken it. I was so discouraged. I thought I was studying and good to go. But obviously I wasn't. When I found this program I was almost ready to just quit. But after taking one class I felt more positive and decided to give it one more try. I completed all the classes and took probably 20 practice tests. At first I kept failing the practice tests. Those are hard! But this program taught me how to figure out the best answers and really some skills I didn't know I needed to get thru the test. On Friday August 17, 2018 I passed the mblex. I am so grateful and proud. If you want to pass the mblex I really really recommend these classes. They are great.

Chancellor Thorton

Written by Jodi Scholes: We started working with Juan M. in July 2018 just before he was scheduled to take his test. Unfortunately he was not successful in that attempt. With a consistent effort in August, Sept, Oct and November Juan saw better and better results. He rocked the classes, but needed help with the quizzes. Then he started passing his Practice Exams with 80% or better! It was a bumpy road for sure. However, November 7 2018 Juan M., who is legally blind, passed the MBLEx. So proud of him!

Juan M., November 2018