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July 23, 2015
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Your Annual Marketing Plan

Seems I’ve been a server for a while. I feel comfortable hosting parties because I’ve been a waitress and a bartender. I have a very neat linen closet because I’ve made the beds in hundreds of hotel rooms as a chambermaid. (Now that’s called the housekeeping staff) I feel very comfortable sticking my hand out to introduce myself because I’ve registered guests as a front desk employee as well as greeted diners as the hostess at a restaurant. I know how to serve. Now, I serve you.
You, the dedicated Massage Therapist who loves the work, but wonders why the money doesn’t flow faster, free-er & more faithfully. I serve you, the Massage Center Owner/Clinic Manager who wants to take care of the employees as much as take care of the clients but feels disconnected, unappreciated, overworked and -yah I’ll say it- underpaid. I’ve had both those jobs too. And there were days I wanted to quit. But I didn’t. And you can’t quit either.

There are too many people counting on you. Seriously. You have to get good at this. I don’t mean massage. You have to get good at finding all the grateful clients you need, all the talented staff you want and all the income you deserve. Let’s start with clients. Here’s what to do: Stay in Touch with your current clients to keep them coming back more often this year.

It’s called an Annual Marketing Plan:

January Promotion:Keeping your New Year Resolutions
strategic partner: Health Clubs/Gyms
July Promotion: 
Client Appreciation Event
Strategic Partner: 5K or 10K event
Do local TV-post video to website
February Promotion: 
Valentine’s Day Couples Class
Write an article
Could you do local TV? Post the video to  your website
August Promotion: Back to school Strategic Partner: PTA/Teachers
Write an article
March Promotion: 
Spring Fever or
St Patty’s Day
Strategic partner: Accounting Firms
September Promotion: 
Back to school
Strategic Partnership: PTA/Teachers
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) #1
April Promotion: April 15 (tax day) special. Strategic Partner: Accounting Firms
Write an article foryour local paper
October Strategic Partner: Local Halloween Parade/5K 10KEvent
Write an article foryour local paper
May Promotion: 
Mother’s Day gift certificates Strategic Partner: Florist
November Promotion: 
Gratitude Thanksgiving Day cards
June Promotion: 
College and HS
Write an article foryour local paper
December Promotion: 
Gift Certificates
Write an article foryour local paper/blogger

That’s it. Do those things or just one of those things per month and you will have a full book of business. Hell, Im telling you, you’ll have a wait list of clients. Email me if you need any explanation. I’m here to serve. Namaste.

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